Delinquent Accounts Recovery

Seasoned specialists design the specific strategies tailored to target your delinquent accounts.

Custom-Tailored Strategies

RCB offers client-specific collection strategies that maximize debt recovery. Those plans are administered by debt recovery pros that analyze, interpret, prepare and transfer client data to determine the optimum collection approach. That expert industry insight improves efficiency and enables RCB to focus its efforts on the specific needs of your debt portfolio.

Full Scope Services

Today’s delinquent collection strategies require more than just a phone bank, mass mailings and repeated debtor dunning. RCB pursues every available option for successful settlements, utilizing a mix of strategies that offer a single-source solution for all your revenue recovery needs. Our services include:

  • Delinquent business taxes
  • Fees, fines and water/sewer bills
  • License and inspection judgments
  • Litigation and transfer of judgments
  • Business non-filers accounts
  • Discovery of unregistered debtors
  • Ancillary services and special projects

RCB Can Help You

RCB has the client-specific collection strategies that maximize debt recovery.

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