Cutting-Edge Technology

Our fully automated, customizable software has the power and flexibility to recover maximum returns in a minimum of time.

Specialized and Efficient

Turning delinquent debt into settled accounts requires a comprehensive strategy, not a standard collection approach. RCB’s proprietary Delinquent Tax Enforcement Collection System (DTECS) offers an automated process that uses cutting-edge technology to enhance your specific collection efforts.

Premium Processing Power

With DTECS, RCB can process information in a fraction of the time needed by our clients and competitors. Built to handle the demanding information workloads generated by government agencies, DTECS enhances systems efficiency enterprise-wide.

Rock-Solid Security

Designed for maximum security that exceeds rigorous HIPAA and other high-level security requirements, DTECS is armed with the latest security measures to prevent unauthorized access and data corruption. Sophisticated firewalls and a “Smart Alert System” continually scan the entire network for potential phishing, spyware, viruses and intrusion attempts, and regular upgrades keep software and hardware running at maximum capacity and speed.

RCB Can Help You

RCB has the customizable software that maximizes debt recovery.

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