It Pays to Partner

A partnership with RCB brings together seasoned professionals using sophisticated, proven techniques to meet the specific challenges of collecting on your delinquent debt accounts.

Delinquent Accounts Recovery

Seasoned specialists design the specific strategies tailored to target your delinquent accounts.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our fully automated, customizable software has the power and flexibility to recover maximum returns in a minimum of time.

Proven Experience

No upfront costs mean we’re confident we can put RCB’s multi-million dollar record of success to work for your government agency.

Revenue Collection Bureau

Revenue Collection Bureau is a full-service collections and tax compliance company dedicated exclusively to providing professional debt collection services to municipal and state governments. We strictly adhere to all federal, state and local laws mandated for the collection of debts. RCB’s expert staff uses a customizable workflow built on proprietary software to earn millions of dollars in settlements on our clients’ delinquent accounts.